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Welcome to our Salsa Club

Welcome to the newest Thursday social Salsa in Watford, hosted at the Comedy Loft Walkabout by Maki and Margarita. We’re so excited to have you join us – whether it’s for classes for all abilities or just for a social dance, we have it all catered for!

Our lessons run 7.30pm til 9.30pm and the club is open until 11:30pm – but don’t let the classes stop you from heading down early and grabbing a drink to start your night off! The Comedy Loft has a fully stocked bar with great drinks deals and some seriously comfy seating- but that’s not all! The venue boasts a fantastic dance floor as well as full air conditioning, a serious sound system and lighting to boot. Top that off with some of the hottest international guest DJs playing weekly and it’s got everything we could wish for – all we need now is you! 

But we don’t like to stop there – salsa isn’t just for Thursday’s after all…! We record every weeks DJ set live so you can listen and re-listen to your favourites all week long, perfect for some at-home practise. There are also links and up-to-date news posted daily on our Facebook and Instagram pages – be sure to hit follow to keep in the loop! We’ll let you know all about what’s hot around the globe and which festivals we have tried and tested for the best salsa experience.

This is your got-it-all salsa hub – we want to welcome you into the exciting world of this exhilarating dance. We teach globally universal techniques to ensure you can use your skills on any dance floor, and with confidence. Salsa is as much a social event as it is a dance, and we want to give you the whole electrifying experience.

Keep checking back for exciting new additions to the site…..and we look forward to dancing with you Thursday at The Comedy Loft

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First Time?

Feeling anxious?

Joining a salsa class for the first time can be a little overwhelming, so if you are  feeling a little nervous, don’t be, we have a class especially for you, every week!!

You will be welcomed by our very friendly and patient teachers who will guide you at a pace that is right for you. 

The class begins with all students facing the teachers for some simple footwork designed to loosen and warm you up. Our teachers will pair you up and guide you through some simple moves and important techniques that will help you start on the right foot (no pun intended). During this hour long lesson we will encourage regular rotation of partners, which really helps with your learning and then finish off with a little practice music. 

During this time there will be other classes running at various levels but once they are all done then the real fun begins. The lights will dim and the DJ will start to play. This is the best time to practice all the things you have learnt and really enjoy salsa. 



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Gary Derbridge Avatar

I have always enjoyed Maki's style of teaching, and love going to his lessons! I wish I lived closer and I would be there weekly! Keep up the good work.

Gary Derbridge 8/18/2018
Frances Brown Avatar

As an experienced salsa dancer I can recommend House of Mambo Salsa Club for its top class DJs, sprung dance floor, friendly sociable atmosphere and dancers of all levels. The best way to spend a Sunday evening! Well done to Maki and Margarita 😁❤

Frances Brown 8/18/2018